Nomadic exhibition first for Australia!

Through her online connections, local Street photographer Maree Tonkin is bringing a unique photographic exhibition to Bendigo.

The exhibition, to be hosted by the La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre from 2-16 October will showcase the work of approximately 100 international and Australian professional and emerging photographers.

I went along on Saturday to see this exhibition and arrived just as the last of 50 people who had attended the opening were leaving. The exhibition is well worth visiting, situated at the very rear of 121 View Street, out in the back where the regular visiting artists in residence usually reside.

Images from all ’round the world line the walls, mirrors and any other spare space (including the artists in residence bed) showing a great variety of street photography.
A favourite of my friend who came along with me was the image of a group of elderly women staring at a bikini clad much younger woman. What they were thinking could be as varied as only the imagination can let it be!

There were some poignant imagery, more humorous ones and a mix between.

Maree Tonkin was very happy with the attendance at the opening.

Ms Tonkin said “The Stravaganza is a global collaboration between photographers who want to share their work. The exhibition is 100 % DIY and self-funded , so I’m really grateful to La Trobe University for supporting me to bring this exhibition to Australia.”

The project was initiated by a group of passionate photographers connected through social networking site Flickr and supported by online collective Mindfist. The exhibition, titled Dr Karanka’s Print Stravaganza, was first shown in the lounge room of Joni Karanka in Cardiff, UK, then took on a life of its own travelling to London, then on to Bologna- Italy, Gilwice- Poland, Arles- France, Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia, Singapore, Tokyo- Japan, and now in Bendigo before heading off to tour the USA.

Dr Karanka’s Print Stravaganza can be viewed Wednesday to Sunday between 10am-5pm. at 121 View Street Bendigo.

Published by sharongreenaway

Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photography), Latrobe University.

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