Microcosm 2014

I particularly love this photogram.


MICROCOSM AT BENDIGO POTTERYMicrocosm 2014 Sharon Greenaway.

A large part of this body of work consists of delving into digital photograms, a technique I have been working on, on and off, since 2008 when I was inspired to try this after working in the wet lab at university.


At university we worked on creating photograms (taking a picture without using a camera) in the darkroom. Now that I am far away from that lab I am enjoying creating similar imagery in a digital environment.

I use a flat bed scanner to scan the objects, laying them as flat as possible onto the glass top. I know I will get a limited depth of field, which adds to the magic of not being quite sure what I will achieve – very similar to working in the wet darkroom.

I am often presented with an image that is not quite what I had designed…but for me this is part of the magic of photograms.

eucalypts young 5 001

As the seasons change the flora and fauna live and die, often the only evidence of them being here is a feather or two (or many) wings of a dead butterfly, empty nests, gum nuts scattered over the ground or bark and branches stripped from the trees and tossed aside.

Mybody of work is inspired by these natural parts of the Junortoun bush as well as my love of gardening.

Sharon Greenaway

Eucy Young 2013   (SOLD.)

after the rain 4 001

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