Bendigo native floral designs – where can you see them?

BUDA historic home and gardens, Castlemaine. You can buy on line or contact them directly.

BUDA is located at 42 Hunter St. Castlemaine Victoria
p (03) 5472 1032

Castlemaine visitor information centre has its Art show on. #marketbuildingart @marketbuildingart

I regularly am invited to exhibit when the Market Building has its seasonal exhibitions. At the most recent one I sold some large works.

Warral Honey Maldon has opened a Gift Shop.

They invited me to showcase some of my wearable art that reflect and interweave with their bees’ food.

I am delighted to have been their first guest in the fabulous new venture.

Warral Honey gift shop is located at 35 Boundary Road, Maldon, Victoria.

Below are some floral designs I use to make my scarves and other artworks.

My floral designs featuring the native flora & fauna of Bendigo, Australia, (and yes they are all my own photographs or photograms to begin with!)

Some work well with cotton, others with linen/cotton blends and most look positively gorgeous on the luxurious silk crepe de chine.

I would love to work with you on fabric orders featuring these patterns, and will have quite a few more later on – each takes a lot of trial and error and many hours to create.

Apologies for the copyright text over them, I do hope you can still see the detail and colours well.

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