Bendigo native floral designs – where can you see them?

Bendigo Visitor Information centre Pall Mall, Bendigo

Bendigo Pottery stocks my brooches

BUDA historic home and gardens, Castlemaine.

Goldmines museum and tram depot.

My small pieces of art are available to purchase and take home from these venues. Each piece is designed and handmade by me, featuring the native local flora and fauna .

Below are some floral designs I use to make my scarves and other artworks.

My floral designs featuring the native flora & fauna of Bendigo, Australia, (and yes they are all my own photographs or photograms to begin with!)

Some work well with cotton, others with linen/cotton blends and most look positively gorgeous on the luxurious silk crepe de chine.

I would love to work with you on fabric orders featuring these patterns, and will have quite a few more later on – each takes a lot of trial and error and many hours to create.

Apologies for the copyright text over them, I do hope you can still see the detail and colours well.

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