Wool Native Floral Design YAY!

I began to print my photographs onto fabric in 2015.

Since then I have researched fabric quite a bit and now prefer to use natural fibres such as cotton, linen and silk.

With the fabric I have created various art pieces ranging from cushions to gorgeous wall hangings, ephemeral installation works and wearable art pieces such as scarves, hand embroidered brooches and small zipper purses.

During this time I always wanted to try wool as the thought of being warmly wrapped in one of my floral art pieces (as if it is a big hug from the bush that I love so much) was very enticing.

Initially the only company I found was based in England and I really wanted to create the works in Australia.

I did find another printing company based in Sydney but as my work is bespoke and often just one off pieces I simply couldn’t afford the cost.

When in 2022 I discovered PARLOUR PRINTING and got some exquisite silk printed I found out Candice (the owner) is able to print onto all sorts of natural fibres including WOOL!

So after much designing I finally created a 2 metre piece of fabric that I would sew into four scarves.

I sent off the design and this week it finally arrived!

The colour is vibrant and so alive; it is exactly what I wished for!

Featuring pincushion hakeas on two of the designs is significant for me. The photographs are of our own hakea that I grew from seed and had to wait 7 years for it to bloom; when it does it is spectacular.

It was in bloom for the first time in 2020 when Bill and I returned from a month in Melbourne while I was being treated at Peter Mac hospital.

It felt like a warm welcome home.

I love the addition to one of the designs of the Calothamnus quadrifidus which I thought was a grevillea but is learnt it is actually a bottlebrush. This too is in our garden.

The Waratah was from a bunch of flowers given to me and I simply had to photograph it.

I adore red flowers.

The common fringe myrtle flowers in late winter/spring and is stunning to behold in its natural habitat where the initial photograph was taken.

I love birds and the noisy miner montage is a fun shot and so spectacular against the red callistemon.

I am delighted with my woollen fabric.

Look out winter here I come!

Published by sharongreenaway

Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photography), Latrobe University.

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