March 24: Mystery

Such a poignant story

On This Date in Photography: by James Mcardle

Date #24The found photograph presents a mystery that invites the viewer to find a solution, or to give it new meaning.

A friend, photographer Jim McFarlane alerted me to Untitled.Showa which invites you to…

…interact with a collection of old photographs from Japan, found in Australia, to solve a historic puzzle with the view to collectively finding ways to (re)unite the original prints to the people in the photographs, their family, the copyright holder/s or to an appropriate archive, and in real time, participate in the unfolding of a contemporary story.

imageIt’s an engaging game, because all 308 photographs appear to have been taken in Japan between 1930s-60s, but were found in Geelong, Australia, in 2015. None were taken here, and yet a seller had acquired them from a deceased estate. But who was the deceased? The stall-holder at the flea market in Geelong could provide no answers, so it is…

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