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Sumptuous velvet scarf will have to wait

Days in the life of a photographic artist

During the course of exhibiting my work people often ask how long does it take me to create the piece.

With this in mind I thought I would share something from the last couple of weeks that has taken up a lot of my time with subsequent disappointing results as it turns out.

Researching various companies that print digitally onto fabric I came across a company in the Netherlands that will print onto several gorgeous fabrics including a very fine silk velvet.

So after getting several samples sent from the company at a cost of 4.50 euro all up I decided to design a piece of art featuring our native eucalyptus in soft lemony cream, old man saltbush and prickly wattle.

The design was a long evolution after working with other native flora that I have in my photographic library, from red bottlebrushes and grevilleas to feathers and butterflies.

After many days and many hours of work at the computer I at long last was ready to order one metre of this lightweight, sumptuous fabric.

This afternoon I uploaded the design and was ready to order when I nearly fell off my chair.

The fabric was definitely not cheap which I knew (around 41 euros per metre) but it was the postal figure that shocked me, remembering the samples were only 4.50 euros…the end cost to post a very lightweight fabric which when folded up would be in mass less than an A4 parcel, was going to be over 80 euros!

In hindsight, which is always a great thing, I should have made a mock order to see how much postage was going to be, but after the initial samples cost I naively thought it would be around 15 – 20 euros!

So the upside is I have another gorgeous design that I would not have had if it weren’t for the silk velvet.

Sharon Greenaway

16th March

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