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Life’s Biggest Adventure (C) 2013 Sharon Greenaway

Adventure comes in many ways, for me my biggest adventure may seem ordinary but nothing, not even the rugged coastlines of Australia can surpass my biggest adventure, an adventure  that is for life.

Life’s Biggest Adventure

(C) 2013 Sharon Greenaway

In an attempt to clear up some of the bush that surrounds our home in time for the next bushfire season and having been somewhat thwarted by a downpour of rain, I am sitting under our front veranda enjoying the sights and sounds of this rain.

Breathing in the fresh eucalyptus air and hearing the pinging of water on the metal roof of the carport I ponder on our two children. One, our daughter, is currently overseas exploring Europe, enjoying her current big adventure. The other is in his room, no doubt planning, among other things, his next steps in job and living prospects…

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