Digital Camera Basics – 10 Tips For Keeping Your Memory Cards From Becoming FUBAR

When you first start out trying to learn any subject, you don’t know – what you don’t know. While this post may be very old hat to most of you, every day a brand new photographer visits Photofocus for the first time and I want to make sure everyone can get something valuable from the […]

Dropbox to the rescue!

Yesterday I spent several hours trying to locate an image, and to no avail!
How incredibly frustrating!

This morning I woke very early and thought I would try to search for the image again.

This time after checking several hard drives I went into my Dropbox account and found the image plus the other two that went with it! So pleased.

Apart from using Dropbox for sharing files with clients this is the first time I have needed it to find a lost file, so glad I use it.