Castlemaine Summer Market Exhibition

Next Friday 27th at 11 am this exhibition will be launched. 

Featuring an amazing selection of art forms, it is always a great event.

I have been exhibiting here for a few seasons and will have five pieces on show.

When we took the pieces to Castlemaine last Tuesday there were already heaps of work ready for the curators to display.

One of my works received an intriguing compliment from a fellow exhibitor when he said ‘ Gee that is sharp, it almost looks like a photograph.’ He was surprised at my reply…’It is a photograph’

I love painting with light!


Hand coloured piece for next year

It is a corker of a hot day here in Central Victoria so what better way to spend the day than indoors working on my art.

One artform I love creating is a Digital Photogram using local flora. While most of these are printed in full colour, I do print some in Black and White with the view to hand colour them.

This is what I have been doing today on a small test piece taken from a larger work.


Gorgeous prints in time for Christmas giving

Busy organising some of my limited edition prints to sell just in time for Christmas giving. These prints will be unframed so the prices will be lower than normal. All are gorgeous Giclee prints on lovely paper. Hope to have more details later today. Please contact me if you wish to be notified personally when ready.

Weekend Wanderings: Parliament House Tours

Weekend Wanderings: Parliament House Tours


A tour of Victoria’s Parliament house is a good idea, thanks to Leanne for this article.

Originally posted on Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY:

In Melbourne there is a gorgeous building at the top of Bourke Street and in Spring Street. It is one of the best examples of Victorian Architecture here. If you love architecture it should be a must on your ‘to see’ list. They do regular tours every day, well all the days that Parliament don’t sit, but they also do some special architecture tours.


Just over a week ago they had one so a friend and I decided to go. I’ve done it before, but it was when I had my old camera with the cropped sensor. Now that I have the Nikon D800 I knew the full frame would give really wide shots with the Nikon 14-28mm lens. I shot the whole building with that lens. You can’t take your bag with you, so you have to decide on one lens.

The tour was amazing, and with only four…

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Work on show

Today I popped over to Wesley Hill Bake House to take the opportunity given to hang some of my Artwork. I’d like to thank Robbie Bayliss for the opportunity to show off my work, along with other local artists.If you would like to buy some of my work and are in the Castlemaine area pop in to see Robbe and the crew.

My two pieces for sale are “Nanna’s teaset #2” edition 1/1 and “Mum Mending”, each piece is for sale $180 each.

Or you can contact me directly to buy these pieces or see what else I have to offer.


Golden opportunity and a self portrait 151015

Preparing to photograph a genuine gold nugget is for me a once in a lifetime opportunity: I wanted to get it right.

So the morning of the shoot I spent several hours experimenting with lighting techniques as well as working out exactly what I wanted to capture. This included my favourite use of black velvet as well as a ready made light tent, one speed light and an extra light diffuser. My lenses of choice were the Tamron SP 90 mm f2.8 and the Pentax 35 mm f1.4.

I knew that for my final work for the Golden Landscape 3AMPs Exhibition I would be using these images in creating work via creative digital imaging software but I also wanted to try some in camera photography.

So while trying out some double exposures I created this piece and quite like it.

Leo Mathews has been searching for gold for the last 15 years. After a 'drought' of 15 months he finally struck gold in the form of a 25 ounce gold nugget he found while fossicking in the bushland north of Bendigo. Describing it as very solid with no pipe clay or much detritus and shaped in the form of a heart, Leo has called it - The Heart of Gold. "They're rare, a bit like snowflakes; no two are the same," he said. Leo had had only been out in the field for about four hours that afternoon, with only two hours of detecting time when he came across an area in the bush that had been previously 'worked over'. Noticing the middle part had been left untouched, he decided to explore further, having been spurred on by the small speck of gold he had found nearby. That was when his high tech pulse induction detection started to make 'some serious noise.' "I had to bring the coil right up way up off the ground about three feet to get it to settle down and I knew then you could hear the long signal at the end and I thought ,'I reckon I've got something here', not thinking it would be this big," Leo said. So he began to dig to the bottom of the one foot hole until he felt something hard. "I could feel the weight against my fingers and the coldness of the gold and I thought, 'Beauty I've finally got one'." Until the find, Leo had been feeling despondent about gold detecting but persevered. "I'm not a quitter, I set my self to do something and I keep doing it," he said. When asked about what characteristics make for a good gold prospector, he said - determination, patience, and having low expectations. Then there's the metal detector. "Machines have become a lot better over the years," Leo said. "Every two or three years now there is a game changer, something new comes out or the coils get better and it just gives you more depth." Along with the machine is the technique. Leo said he likes to go 'low and slow'. "Keep a flat swing all the way through and just don