Alexandra Fountain Sunday 7th September with restaurant tram in background.

Puppy POV: This is the Kind of Joyous Footage You Can Expect Out of GoPros Fetch Mount for Dogs.

I must admit to having my doubts about this latest gadget, but now I can see its potential…

Have bitten the bullet and entered some images in this prestigious photography prize.

Featuring contemporary Australian life, I hope I have portrayed such in my imagery.

Wish me the best would you?



This Sunday drive took us to Lockington, a small country town situated in

Bill and I yesterday revisited a country town with a unique museum.

Lockington is in dairy and grain country and its large museum houses a fabulous collection of items that are pertinent to the district.

We met up with volunteer Joe Chappel who gave us a pleasant and informative tour of the museum.

Here is just a small sample of what you will find when you visit.

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Just when you think you have seen most of Bendigo, you find something new.
Drove down rifle range road today and saw some lovely native orchids amidst the wattle and other indigenous wildflowers!



For those people who liked my recent post about our Tawny friends, here is a link to my posts over the last few years as I record their time here while I am here.


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