Honing technique – Painting with light.

In creating new work for 3AMPs exhibition and beyond I have been using various lighting and photographic techniques.

Today I decided to return to my first love – painting with light.

This orchid was a gift from an elderly gentleman some years back and was in flower at the time. Every year since it has survived in its pot but never flowered until now: now we are living in a new home and I like to think it is a sign we are where we are meant to be.

Tourist in your own home town

This morning Bill and I travelled by bus into Bendigo in order to be a little touristy in our own town.

We were dropped off across the road from the Courthouse which meant our planned visit to some gardens was made very easy.

We wandered through the gorgeous gardens we have in town including the tulip_surrounded_Conservatory gardens, the Fernery and the Chinese Gardens.

(What an inspiration for the 3AMPs forthcoming exhibition GOLDEN LANDSCAPE.)

A walk through Rosalind Park and up towards the back of the art gallery led us to the Capital where there is a great exhibition on at the moment. http://sharongreenaway.com/2015/10/03/artistic-response-to-ulumburra-theatre-opening/

Coffee and cake were in order after this while we waited for our bus home and Bath Lane was our choice. We went to the Green Olive where the coffee and mocha were great as was my carrot cake however the choice of only one Gluten Free cake was disappointing particularly when it was very bland.

We had a pleasant time doing something we seldom do – being a tourist in our home town.

BTW who knew of this plaque? And where is it?

Artistic Response to Ulumbarra Theatre Opening

Earlier this year during the course of the opening of this fabulous new theatre in Bendigo, artists were invited to attend one of the open days.They were invited to produce work in response to the opening.

The resultant pieces, which range from photo journalistic images to three dimensional sculptures, are now on show at the Capital Theatre Foyer gallery space and is well worth checking out.

I popped along this morning and was delighted with both the work on display as well as the fact that I knew many of the artists who had work on display.

USA Wanderings: Home and Back to Reality


I don’t envy Leanne’s work schedule after her overseas trip. When we got back from London last year I was cactus for nearly a week!

Originally posted on Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY:

It really is over now. I’m sitting here writing this blog where so many others have been written. It is a little sad, but it is also good to be home. Now I have to get back to work, so many things to do, but I thought I would tell you about my trip home, and let you know I had arrived safely.

My trip was fairly uneventful, that was until I got almost home, nothing bad, but it took longer than expected. I left New York on Friday and caught a plane to Indianapolis, though I really only got to see the airport. I hung around there for two hours before boarding my flight to LA or LAX for the final part of my journey.

While flying to LA I saw a beautiful sunrise and because we were travelling back in time, I don’t know how else to explain…

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Sorting out new studio finally

We have been in our new home for four months and today I ventured into my studio space in order to unpack more boxes and sort the mess out!

Bill built me a great work bench and I have used it as a basis for my redesign, storing boxes beneath it and even one on top.

After more hours than I planned on spending the space looks less cluttered and items are stored away!

What do you think?