New Art Cards

New Art Cards

With the great reaction to my last set of Art Cards for Microcosm at the Bendigo pottery, I have designed and had printed a new set for my new exhibition coming up next month.

Moon eclipse from Central Victoria

For us the best view of the Moon eclipse last night was from home


Last Saturday I along with my hubby and two friends from Leongatha went along to Julie Andrews’ exhibition in Chancery Lane.

As well as writing a piece about this space for Weekend Notes ( see http://www.weekendnotes.com/chancery-lane-art-space/) I wanted to find out a little more about the why and wherefore of the wall art.

Julie kindly gave me her artist statement… ‘the work is about ‘in-between’ spaces the I am drawn to explore; the liminal, a threshold, a gap, between dichotomies, dualistic oppositions and either/or thinking. in both art theories and practice.

‘ The work is based on a series of paintings called trance- scapes that explore the in-between space – ‘to be there but not be there’ as an investigation into the psychological terrain of the liminal: the everyday and a place for remembering, noticing, daydreaming, possibilities and imagining. My work is often abstract and includes large gestural marks, stenciled shapes and floating circles to suggest a portal for reflection and contemplation.’



This enormous (ground dwelling?) spider was out in the rain yesterday carrying her precious family on her back. I am assuming she may be a ground dwelling spider that did not want her babies to drown? Any other thoughts welcome.

We’re going on a bear hunt turns 25!.

Getting my first ever exhibition (circa 2006) together in order to donate the imagery to the Bendigo library local history section and found this interview from ABC.

Thought  would share.


The festival theme featuring Music and Yummy food marked the ending of a week of celebration for the 2014 Bendigo Festival of Cultures and I was lucky enough to be able to spend the afternoon enjoying the festivities.

MC AXL Taylor encouraged people to say hello to someone they didn’t know and the Bendigo peoples took this to heart. I met several people yesterday who were willing to talk about their love of food, why they chose Bendigo to live and little of their life story; it was just that kind of day.

A Drumming workshop was one of the highlights for me as together with new friend Wendy, we had a go.

Lots of diverse entertainment on centre stage made it hard for me to leave; hence I ended up staying all afternoon – a real treat.

Here are some images from the afternoon including a group shot of many of the people who made the Festival happen.

Images are also available for sale at $20 each burnt onto a disc or emailed.


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