Visual Diary

Just taking a quick break from work.

Have been starting a visual diary/ planner for my work with the 3AMPs.

So glad to have done this as I had forgotten just how useful a VA can be. It really makes you stop and think about where you are going with your arts project and also in so doing I have had more ideas surface.

If you have never done a VA or not attempted one since your studies, might I suggest it is a good way to reinvigour your arts practice?

Hand Colouring Workshop


As part of my ArtPractice I have been creating some hand coloured images.

For quite a while I have wanted to further investigate this technique so yesterday I attended a full day Hand Colouring Workshop.

The workshop was held at Goldstreet Studios in Trentham and was conducted by long time devotee of this lovely photographic artform, Jan Naismith.

Some of the things I learnt included the use of correct paper for the correct colouring technique is vital; photographs can be coloured with water colour, pastels and inks as well as the more traditional oils of old, and that each image could take hours to colour, depending on medium and  artist’s imagination.

Well worth the day.

Further to my note of this morning, it was worth making the effort.

Further to my note of this morning, it was worth making the effort.

This was inspired I think after reviewing three books for the next issue of Magpies Magazine.

My creative writing juices are flowing! I have the first draft to a new story, printed and put into a folder in order to review it in a few days.

Would love it to be good enough to become a picture story book – an ultimate dream of mine to add to my other writing credits.

Writing Tip #…..

How many of you have been lying in bed thinking about a new story idea and have not done anything about it?

Or how many, like I did this morning, finally dragged yourself out of a warm comfy bed, and turned on the computer in order to write down your thoughts?

And how many of you have done the latter only to have to sit through a mind numbing 20 minutes or so while your computer proceeded to download and install updates? Aagh!

Take a tip from me…write your ideas down on traditional pen and paper first! Everything else can be replicated and enhanced upon after. I finally did this after making my obligatory cuppa and returning to the computer only to have to wait and wait and wait while my ideas almost faded from my mind.

The thoughts are now scrawled onto an A5 sheet of notepaper and are there awaiting me to finish this blog post.

Remember the only power needed for your thoughts are yours! And of course and pen and something to write on…anything will do!

Sharon Greenaway ©2015.