New Chicks on the Block

This year we have had for the first time a young Crow/Raven in our vegie garden and we saw it being fed by its parent. Stayed around for two days before going off to greener pastures.

Our Tawny Frogmouths have successfully raised a second chick after the first one fell out of its nest. If you read my blog often you will know that that chick was rescued by us and picked up by Erin from WRES…hope it survives.

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New Gallery opens in Maldon

On Saturday Glass Artist Marianne Bradman opened her gallery in the gorgeous and historical township of Maldon.

As well as her intricately made glass artworks, Marianne is also stocking work from other local artists, including my own Photographic Art Cards.

I popped in to see Marianne at her new gallery on Sunday and wasn’t alone in doing so!

All the best in your great new venture Marianne!.