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Bimblebox 153 Birds


Lovely to have written a poem for this worthwhile exhibition and cause.
My poem featured the Tawny Frogmouth and included an audio recording of my reading the poem.

Originally posted on Bimblebox Art Project:

Bimblebox 153 Birds was exhibited during May, 2015.

153 Artists created 153 artworks.  153 writers created 153 poems & prose.  153 musicians interpreted the written onomatopoeia and mnemonic notations for  these birds creating 153 bird calls.  This is Bimblebox 153 Birds.

Here you will see some photos of the Bimblebox 153 birds exhibition and events and hear some of the writers and musicians audios.  Bimblebox 153 Birds is now an extensive collection and I can only give you a taste of it here.  I intend to add more photos of the artwork as well as writers’ and musicians’ compilations to this website over several months.

photo Alana Brekelmans photo Alana Brekelmans

Bimblebox 153 Birds was exhibited at the Impress Printmakers Studio and Gallery, Brisbane in May 2015.  It was astonishing to see so many species of birds filling the gallery.  Audio of the writers poetry & prose mixed with the musicians bird calls…

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Local businesses support each other

Whenever it is feasible I shop locally, ranging from a variety of businesses including the butcher, baker, hairdresser, pharmacy, post office and florist.

It is always nice when locals in turn support my arts practice.

Today I received another outlet for my Art Cards: Linda from Lazy Flowers florist, Strathfieldsaye bought a large quantity of them.

She was really supportive and told me how she prefers to support local people.

So in turn may I ask you support her when you next want to buy some flowers (maybe even an Art Card or two!)

Thanks again Linda.

Lazy Flowers

03 54394143


Strathfieldsaye. 3551

Creative juices at last reflowing

After a few weeks of settling into our new abode I have at last got the creative juices flowing again.

Am currently researching my image stack to find ones that will work for a hand colouring workshop that I will be going to next month.

While I have delved into hand colouring in a small way I want to learn more and so have enrolled in a workshop at Goldstreet Studios in Trentham…so looking forward to this.

My studio is also slowly starting to look like one rather than

Space to display my work

a storage room piled high with stuff!